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        Welcome to RNB Ranch. Let me introduce ourselves, we are Sandy & John Jones. Our ranch is nestled in a valley between the foothills below Boyer Mountain just eight miles north of Deer Park, Washington. There is a small creek that runs the length of the pasture that provides a nice cool refuge for the broodmares and their foals on warm summer days. This has been our home since the late 1960's and have spent the last 30 or so years building our ranch and our dream of raising the best Appaloosa horses possible. At one time or another we have been associated with almost every aspect of the breed, gaming, racing, cattle events, performance, halter and just enjoying a nice ride on the trails. It took us almost half a lifetime to settle on the breeding program that best suited us and would produce horses we could always be proud to say we bred. For the last 14 years that breeding program has been mainly centered around our Senior stallion, ‘Partner In Crime’. For us 'Partner' has carried on the tradition of his prestigious sire ‘The Executive’ by being a producer that produces producers on down the line. ‘Partner’s’ dam, ‘Sis Bouncy’, has been a very strong influence on his abilities as a producer and one that we have treasured greatly. We have now added a new young stallion to our program. 'Sucha Perfect Crime' is a blanketed palomino son of 'Partner In Crime' that we hope will carry on in his sires hoof prints. Our small broodmare band consists mainly of mares carrying Skipper W bloodlines and have found that is a formula that has really nicked. We also are trying some line breeding and so far, very pleased with the outcome.

Partner In Crime has produced over a hundred registered foals over the past 12 years. It is our hope that you will enjoy seeing just a few of the youngsters that ‘Partner’ has produced for us and some of our customers during this time. These have been years filled with many highs and of course, a few lows. Along the way we have made so many wonderful friends that shared with us the highs and provided support for the lows. It is one of these friends that has been by our side from the beginning. This is the gentleman that made the dream of owning ‘Partner In Crime’ a reality. Lew Eklund has been there for every step of this exciting journey, sharing in our joys, guiding us with his knowledge and providing a shoulder to lean on when it was most needed. It is not possible to express our caring, respect and gratitude in words, so to put it simply, thank you Lew for always being there.

Sandy & John Jones





'Boogie' alias 'The Lion King' controls the cat door to the kingdom and determines who can enter and when. He tolerates 'Tigger' and is condescending to his brother and sister, 'Boot & Scoot'.






'Boot', sometimes known as 'scruff bucket', is the tough guy. He sleeps in the basin in the bathroom during the summer to keep cool and struts around like a bull in the china closet. He has a huge love attack at least once a day and tries to crawl in your lap no matter what you are doing at the time. Loves to lay in the middle of John's newspaper when he is trying to read.







'Scootie' is the queen of the broodmare barn and if you don't believe it, just ask her. She is slightly nearsighted, the only one of cats with a tail and what a tail. Always said she got everything her brothers lacking. If she is not out in the barn, she is sleeping on the spare chair by me in the computer room. Don't know if it is because she is overly fond of me or because of the protection this closeness provides.





'Jessica Jones' alias 'Jessie' is a Kelpie and ? cross. Her mother is Jerry & Sherry Emerson's Kelpie female, 'Dallas'. Jerry just had to keep stopping by for visit with adorable little puppy in the tack room of his horsetrailer. She hates cows, loves to chase birds and herd goats.She would aspire to be a watchdog but like the 'Cowardly Lion', lacks a certain amount of courage.






“Doc” is one of our newest family members. He is an Australian Shepard that was born of registered parents with misplaced white on his back. For a puppy that we really were not sure we wanted, he has been a constant bundle of joy and companionship that has filled a very large void after our beloved “Bummer” passed away in the winter of 2001-2002. We had forgotten the wonder, energy and delight that a young dog can provide with all their antics and zest for life. “Doc” is now a very welcome and much loved addition to our family and we hope that he will be by our sides for a very long time to come.





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